Thursday, October 30, 2014

Contentment brings Peace - Wisdom from the Tao

Lately,  I have been mediating on the peace and calm of the Tao.

When there is Tao in the world,  people are content and easily satisfied and countries get along peacefully.

When the Tao is absent from the world, people seek fame and wealth.  Countries fight continuously.
There is no greater disaster than discontentment.  There is no greater crime than greed.

The only lasting satisfaction is that which is found in knowing when enough is enough.  If everyone were contented, the world would be a peaceful place.

Lao- Tzu's Whispers of Wisdom

Monday, October 27, 2014

Paying Attention to the Transformation Process

Transformation comes in many forms.
I experience transformation as a very special gift.  Even though going through the process is not easy.

What I experience lately is quite a lot of transformation.
I feel it in my body as vibration.  I experience transformation in my mind as an acute awareness  to my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

I welcome the transformation. However, I realize I need help and support with it.
I have asked my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to bring  negative thoughts and beliefs to my attention so I can transform them. Often negative thoughts or beliefs are very subtle.  We are often not aware of the negatively the thoughts or beliefs carry.  Especially those who have been with us for a long time.

When I have a negative thought or belief,  my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers remind me very quickly I need to transform.

For example,  a thought or belief  such as:
'I cannot do this….'
'this is too much….'
'I am afraid…'
'what if ________ happens….'
'I have to do everything...'

When these thoughts happen my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers quickly remind me to apologize.

I apologize to the Divine.  I apologize to my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.  If the thought or attitude involved another soul,  I apologize to that soul also.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

And then I chant:
Divine Love
Divine Forgiveness
Divine Love
Divine Forgiveness

I chant as long as possible.

Recently, I realized I was having a negative thought that I have had so often it is almost like a friend.
I suddenly received guidance this is not an appropriate thought and I needed to transform it.
I immediately apologized and began chanting.

It was so remarkable.  My mind quickly shifted into alignment with the Divine.  I received so much light.  I received so much comfort.  I immediately felt my emotional body transform.  Every part of my being felt better.
I felt happier.  I felt hopeful.  I knew everything would be okay.

This is incredible.  Before it took me days or weeks to transform this kind of thought and the feeling that comes with it.  And that is if it transformed at all.

When we chant we quickly line up with the Divine.  This is such a high level gift…to be able to transform negativity so immediately.  This comes with practice and a sincere desire to transform.  So we are an active participate with our transformation process also.  The Divine makes a way and we follow the path.

Everyone has Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.   Ask your Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to remind you when you have negative thoughts or beliefs so you can quickly transform them.

This simple practice has helped transform my life.  It can transform yours also.

Open your heart.  Connect with your heart and soul.
Understand we are truly loved and blessed.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Beauty of Xiu Lian - Purification Practice

When we stay on our Xiu Lian path (purification practice and process) we gain so much knowledge and wisdom.
We gain virtue.
We love.
We gain insight..
Our hearts open.
We hold more forgiveness in our hearts.
We are more compassionate.
We carry more light.

What is Xiu Lian?
Xiu Lian is meditating and chanting every day…Xiu Lian is deep dedication to our spiritual journey.
When we practice Xiu Lian we are paying very close attention to our soul.  We are very interested in learning how to serve. And learning how to serve better.

Xiu Lian is doing forgiveness practice every day sincerely and from the bottom of our heart.

Xiu Lian is lining up with the Divine, with our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers and with our Heaven's Team.
Doing Xiu Lian is recognizing the blessings we receive every single day.

Xiu Lian is the gratitude for whatever happens in our life.

We totally trust the Divine, our Heaven's Team for whatever happens to us.
Because we understand deep in our hearts how extremely loved we are.

How to stay in Xiu Lian is to connect your heart with the Divine's heart every second of every day.

Chant Love Peace and Harmony..chant Divine Love…Divine Light…Divine Forgiveness…

Stay in Xiu Lian and watch your life transform at a very deep level.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Increasing Trust in the Divine

I have become increasingly aware that my trust in the Divine is increasing.

I realize this because I am not so worried or anxious over things.

My heart is more open and I feel a true love for all souls.
I have more confidence in myself.
I have more confidence in my abilities.

I am more sincere in asking for forgiveness.  I am more sincere in giving forgiveness.

I am more committed to practice - chanting mantras for self healing and for healing others.

I am so happy Master Sha has delivered so many sacred teachings and mantras so we can fully develop ourselves on every level.

More and more we all will realize this.  We will realize deeper how blessed we are to have been the recipients of Master Sha's teaching.  And how important it is to share with others.

When we find ourselves sharing with a full and open heart, we really develop our trust.  We completely trust the love that Master Sha and the Divine have for us.

We simply trust.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Developing Da Qualities - Da Ai - Greatest Love

Everyone possess the 7 Da Qualities.
What are the 7 Da Qualities?

The 7 Da Qualities are Da Ai (greatest love), Da Kuan Shu
(greatest forgiveness), Da Ci Bei (greatest compassion), Da Guang Ming (greatest light), Da Qian Bei ( great humility), Da He Xie (greatest harmony), Da Yuan Man (greatest enlightenment).

To highly develop your 7 Da Qualities is to greatly advance in your Spiritual Journey.  You receive much virtue.  Every aspect of your life is better.  You are able to pass your spiritual testing much faster. You soul is very happy.  You are very happy. The souls in your life are happy.

Develop the Da Qualities every day.

Sometimes you may want to concentrate on one.  For example, Da Ai (greatest love).

I always use the 4 Power Techniques that Master Sha has taught us.

Body Power:  I sent up as straight as I can, back free and clear.  I place my feet on the floor.  I gently close my eyes and touch the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue.

Mind Power:  I visualize a beautiful light ball in my Message Center (located in the middle of the chest  and includes your heart).  This light ball is radiating the Divine light of love.

Sound Power:  I chant out loud and then silently Da Ai. It is perfectly ok to chant in English (or your native language), Greatest Love.

Soul Power: is to say 'Hello'.
Dear Divine,
Dear Da Ai,
Dear all my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers and my Heaven's Team,
Dear my heart and soul,
I love you all.

Please help me to highly develop my Da Ai.  Please help me to connect deeper with Da Ai.  Please help me to understand the wisdom of Da Ai and all of the 7 Da Qualities.
Please help me to connect deeper with my heart and soul.
I am very very grateful.

I chant for 10 minutes or longer.

Then I do the Breath Power.

I inhale fully and gently.  It is a natural full breath.
As I inhale I chant 'Da Ai'.

I then exhale.  As I exhale I chant 'Da Ai'.

I do this for 10 full turns of inhaling and exhaling.

After this practice, I feel very clear in my mind.  I am filled with Divine Love.
I know I will be able to serve better.  I know I will be able to understand deeper the teachings of Master Sha.  I feel more confident and assured that the Divine does love me and I can trust the Divine deeper.

I am grateful beyond words and comprehension.

You can then go through each Da Quality using this practice. You may receive further insight on a similar practice that is unique for you.  Pay attention to the guidance you receive while chanting Da Ai and then make sure and follow through.