Friday, May 29, 2015

Practice for the First Da - Da Ai (Greatest Love)

I would like to share with you this sacred  practice from the Soul Mind Body Science System book by Master Sha and Master Rulin.

Please practice Da Ai as much as possible.  Receive the benefits and transform your life.

The First Da—Da Ai (Greatest Love)
The first Da is Da Ai (pronounced dah eye). Da Ai means greatest love. What is greatest love? Greatest love is unconditional love. Greatest love is selfless love. This is love given without asking for or expecting any­ thing in return. Think about Heaven, Mother Earth, the sun, the moon, and the Big Dipper. Do they ask for anything for their service? Think about Tao. Tao creates Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes, as well as humanity. Does Tao ask for anything? Heaven, Mother Earth, and Tao all offer unconditional love. Why do we need to apply Da Ai? In one sentence:

Da Ai melts all blockages and transforms all life.

For purifying soul, heart, mind, and body; for healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and reaching immortality; for transforming relationships, finances, and much more, Da Ai is the most important Tao quality and Divine quality for transforming all life and fulfilling our physical journey and our spiritual journey. Da Ai is the key practice for moving toward immortality. Why? Remember the teaching. People are sick and people are old because they are away from the Tao Field. Da Ai is the most important characteristic of the Tao Field.
How do you practice Da Ai? It is very simple. Say hello to Da Ai:

Dear Da Ai,
I cannot honor you enough.
I do not have enough Da Ai.
I want to be in the Da Ai condition. Please bless me.
Thank you so much.

No one can say that he or she has one hundred percent Da Ai. If you think that you have one hundred percent Da Ai, you may have a big ego. If you truly have one hundred percent Da Ai, congratulations! That means you have reached Tao already. As we shared earlier, only a few people have truly reached Tao. Is our love one hundred percent unco­nditional? We can always give more unconditional love to others. We can always give more Da Ai to humanity. We can always give more Da Ai to wan ling (all souls).

Practice in daily life by invoking Da Ai as above, and chanting:
Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai ...

Chant Da Ai in your heart. There is no time limit. Just by chanting Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, you are connecting with the Tao Field. You are purifying your soul, heart, mind, and body. You are receiving healing and rejuvenation. You are serving humanity and wan ling. Da Ai is the Tao Field. The Tao Field is Da Ai.

Chant Da Ai nonstop. This is the sacred teaching and practice. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lessons Learned

Most of the time when we receive a karma cleansing we feel that our lives should transform right away.
When we are privileged enough to receive a karma cleansing, we are forgiven for our mistakes. This is priceless and beyond words.
Situations may not change immediately.  For some things could change right away, for others it could take longer.  It could take weeks, months or even years.

Why does it take longer for some to see change?
The Divine is very invested in our spiritual growth.
The Divine wants us to open our heart.

We can continue to do a forgiveness practice.  We can chant Da Ai (Greatest Love),  we can chant Da Kuan Shou (Greatest Forgiveness).  We need to practice.  We need to be aware of the mistakes we made and the honor of being forgiven.  We do not want to take anything for granted.

Eight years ago, I received karma cleansing for my finances.  Things improved for a little while and then got worse.  I honored for another financial karma cleansing, and another, and yet another.

Today my finances are very challenging.  Why?  I received KC time and again.  I understand that karma has layers.  I understand I had very heavy financial karma both personal and ancestral.

Why do I still struggle?
I do not do enough practice.  Very simple.  I understand.  I will do more practice.  I will make it a priority.  I have all ready been forgiven.  I need to honor this forgiveness and truly ask for forgiveness from those I harmed through finances.

Financial karma can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can manifest by selfishness.  It can manifest through not opening the heart.  It can manifest through not trusting the Divine, Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.  It can present through fear and lack of trust. It can manifest from not giving to others with an open heart.

Practicing helps transform these blockages at a very deep level.  Practice can help bring great insights.  We can learn lessons at a very deep level so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

I received guidance that the longer it takes for a blessing to manifest, the better.  This way we learn wisdom from a very great depth.  We will not repeat the same mistakes.  The Divine is preparing us for our transformation.

We are very blessed.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

God's Light

I woke up this morning in God's Light.
I ate breakfast in God's Light,
went for a walk in God's Light,
drank a cup of tea in God's Light.

I realize very deeply we are aways in God's Light.
We need to embrace this truth, take it into our hearts and live it.

Live each second in God's Light,
Open your heart to God's Light.
Allow God's Light to filtrate every fiber of your being.

Open your heart further...

Allow your heart to absorb God's light.

Allow your heart to carry God's Light.
Allow your heart to be God's Light.

We are all very, very blessed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Master Sha teaches us when we are still within our hearts we can learn great wisdom.
Stillness is difficult to achieve for most people.
We are so busy with our lives.  There is a lot of chatter going on within ourselves and without.

The key is to not allow the chatter to distract us.  I notice when there is a lot of noise I can go deep within to connect with this special stillness.

We all have access to the stillness.  Because at the second of conception, the Creator, the Source gives us a part of the Source's Soul called  Yuan Shen.  We can access our Yuan Shen any time any place because the Yuan Shen is within is with us always.

Our Yuan Shen carries great wisdom.  I am learning to connect with my Yuan Shen as often as possible.
I ask my Yuan Shen to remind me to make this connection.  I ask for wisdom and guidance.  It is truly amazing what happens.

See for yourself.

We are all very blessed.