Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Master Sha teaches us that a humans being life is like the oil in a lamp.
When the oil is exhausted, life ends.
Wish to have good health and longevity must add oil to the lamp.

We can add oil to our oil lamps through chanting Tian Yi Zhen Shui (tian yee jun shway) Heaven's Oneness sacred liquid. And Jin Jin Yu Ye (jeen jeen yu yuh) Gold liquid, jade liquid Mother Earth's sacred liquid.
What really depletes our oil is all kinds of pollution,  such as greed, anger and selfishness.

I felt the depletion of oil the other day.  I was having selfish thoughts and I realized this because I could feel the flame of my oil lamp increase.  Because of my selfish thought, my oil was burning faster.  I actually felt aged in a matter of seconds.

This experience was so profound.  I immediately apologized for this thought, and I felt better.  The oil lamp flame decreased in size.

Be aware of thoughts, words and actions.  The wrong thought, word and action actually ages us.  I felt this so profoundly.

I am very grateful for this lesson.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Love Melts all Blockages

This past April,  Master Sha blessed my father with a Da Ai (Greatest Love) blessing.

I am certain it saved my father's life.

My father collapsed at a cousin's wedding about the middle of April.  He was rushed to the hospital.  The doctors could not find a cause for the sudden collapse.  They thought his blood pressure might have shot up suddenly and he fainted.

My father is 93 years old and has a 85% hearing loss.   He is a WWII vet who flew large airplanes. His hearing loss is mainly due to the loud roar of the airplane's engine.  He was raised on a farm in Iowa and operated loud farming machinery.  Back in the  20's and 30's the loud noise of engines was not seen as a threat to one's hearing.

My father needs a special hearing aid. His hearing loss is due to nerve damage.  This type of hearing loss is very difficult to correct with ordinary hearing aids.  The hearing aid my father needs is quite expensive.

For the past 3 years, my father has had teeth that needed to be pulled.  He refused to see a dentist.  No matter how hard my brothers, sister and I tried to convince him he needed to have the teeth extracted, he still refused.

Shortly after he collapsed at the wedding,  Master Sha blessed my father with a special Da Ai treasure.

A week later, my niece was able to convince my father to have his bad teeth pulled.  The dentist who pulled his teeth said that within a week these teeth would have become septic.  This means the infection from them would have greatly increased in the bloodstream.  This is a very dangerous situation.  People have died from infection in their bloodstream going to the brain.

Not only was my father's physical life saved by having these teeth pulled just in time, his quality of life improved.

My older brother who lives in California has a life long friend who wanted to take care of an elderly person.  This friend left her home in California and came to North Caroling as a live in
care giver to my father.  She is a great cook and makes sure he eats properly.  This is such a huge blessing.  My siblings and I  have tried for years to try to find a care giver of this quality.

After trying for years to receive help from the Veteran's Administration for his hearing,  my father is now in line to receive  a state of the art hearing aid.  He also was given a VA doctor and dentist so he can continue to receive medical attention as needed.

I am so happy for the blessing Master Sha sent.  It healed a situation on many different levels.

Da Ai is the greatest Love.  Master Sha is the Greatest Love.

Dear Master Sha,  I cannot thank you enough for saving my father's life. I only hope I can serve someday on such a powerful level.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yesterday, I went with my nephew, Carl to pick up his son, Parker, from school.

While we were waiting for Parker, Carl told me his knee was really painful and swollen.  He showed me his knee which was quite swollen and bruised.  He did not know why his knee was in this condition.
I told him I would give him a healing blessing with Divine Healing Hands.
Carl was very opened to this suggestion.  He appeared to be most grateful.

Standing in the schoolyard, waiting for Parker, I gave Carl a Divine Healing Hands blessing for his knee.  Within minutes, Carl stated his knee was much better.  The swelling had decreased.  He was relieved and quite impressed.

Carl understands I do healing work but is not real sure about all the details.

Unknown to Carl, I  have given him and his two sons several treasures from Master Sha.
There is no doubt, these treasures have helped clear blockages from Carl's heart.
Carl's two sons, Parker and Kinston, received several treasures for intelligence.

On the ride back to Carl's house, I  explained about Divine Healing Hands and how they are God's Hands that are here to serve us.  Parker recalled seeing the Divine Healing Hands book.

I told Parker I would give him a Divine Healing Hands book I had with me.

Parker is in the second grade and still learning to read.  When he first got into the car, he seemed tired and somewhat stressed.  When I gave him the Divine Healing Hands book his entire demeanor changed.  His face brightened as he opened the book.  I told Parker to sleep with the Divine Healing Hands book.  He told me later that he did sleep with the book and will continue to do so.

I am so honored  to share Divine Healing Hands with my nephew and great nephew.  I am very grateful that they responded in such a positive way.

Divine Healing Hands are truly a remarkable treasure on Mother Earth.  We can help so many souls  using Divine Healing Hands.
We can help our family, friends, neighbors, communities, animals, the environment and so much more.

I cannot thank Master Sha and the Divine enough for bringing Divine Healing Hands to us.

We are blessed beyond our comprehension.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I heard a very startlingly statistic today.    In Canada, 69% of high school students suffer from depression.
The suicidal rate for high school students is 36%.

This is truly alarming.

Why is depression so rampant?  Why are our teenagers taking their lives at such an alarming rate?

Go into your heart and ask the Divine.  Why is the depression so severe?
What can I do to help?

When you ask the Divine, send your greatest love, your Da Ai, to the Divine.
Be very grateful for the answer.

When I ask the Divine this question I receive it is because our hearts are closed.  As Master Sha directed us in the Immortal Tao classic, Xing Qiao Bu Kai that means the tunnel of the heart is not opened.

Because of the pollution of our karma, our heart channel is blocked.
We need to open our heart channel as quickly as possible.

If the channel to our heart is opened, we radiate more love and compassion.  We have more time for each other.  We can help those who are suffering from depression.  We can help ourselves through serving others.

Please open your heart by chanting Da Ai, Greatest Love.
Please open your heart by doing a forgiveness practice as often as possible.

We can no longer delay.

The statistics quoted above will not improve unless we help.

Master Sha has empowered each of us through all the teachings, healings, and blessings.

The Divine and Heaven are waiting for us to open our hearts.

Let us understand at a very deep level how important it is for us to open our hearts and purify our hearts.

We are all very loved and very blessed.