Financial Blockages

To Increase finances, connect with the Divine's Heart by simply saying:

' Dear Divine, I love you. 
Please help me to remove the blockages inside of me that  block my financial flow.
I am very grateful.
Help me to understand where these blockages come from so I will not create new blockages.'

Sit up straight with your back free and clear.
Put your mind in the Ming Men acupuncture point, located straight back from the navel. 
Place one hand over your navel and one hand over the Ming Men.
Visual golden, rainbow, purple light radiating and flowing between your heart and the Divine's Heart.
Be very grateful.
Ask for forgiveness from those you have harmed in a financial way.

Now chant continuously for 10 minutes:

'Source Light heals blockages that block my financial abundance.
Thank you.'

Stay connected to the heart of the Divine.  Continue to keep your mind in the Ming Men visualizing the golden, rainbow, purple light radiating through your heart and into the heart of your finances.
Open your heart.  Trust that the Divine is helping you.
Open your heart to any message that the Divine may want you to know.
The Divine loves you and wants you to understand your blockages.  
The Divine wants the blockages to be removed.
Trust your Soul Healing Miracles for Finances is there.

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