Forgiveness: The Most Powerful Practice

How to self- clear our bad karma is through a regular and sincere forgiveness practice.

To clear karma is to clear bad karma that was created by the mistakes we made in this lifetime and in past lifetimes. Mistakes create a spiritual debt. We owe the people and souls we have harmed.  To clear bad karma is to have our spiritual debt forgiven.

Apply the 4 Power Techniques:

Body Power:  Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and your back free and clear.  Put one palm on your heart and one hand over the Ming Men acupuncture point (located straight back from your navel).
Connect with your heart with Soul Power:

Dear my beloved heart,
I love you.
I am very happy to have the opportunity to do a forgiveness practice.
Please open further. Please help me to connect deeper with you.
I am very grateful.

Continue with Soul Power:

Dear all the souls who were hurt or harmed by any of the mistakes I have made or my ancestors have made in all lifetimes,
I love you.  
I sincerely apologize to all the souls we have harmed.
Please forgive my ancestors and me.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
I understand how I have harmed because of the lessons I am learning.
I understand in order to receive your total forgiveness I must serve.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Dear all people and all souls who have harmed me and my ancestors in any of our lifetimes.
We love you.
We forgive you totally.
We are honored to offer you our forgiveness.
Thank you.

Mind Power:  Visualize the golden light of forgiveness embracing you, your ancestors, and all the souls you have invoked.

Sound Power: 

 I forgive you.
You forgive me.
Bring love peace and harmony.
Bring love peace and harmony.

Chant for at least 10 minutes or longer.
Practice forgiveness at least 3 times a day.

When you have finished say 'Hao' (means good, perfect) ,' Thank you, thank you, thank you.'  Then say 'all souls respectfully return'.

When you sincerely practice forgiveness, you will notice your life transform.
We are very blessed to be able to offer forgiveness as often as possible.

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